Fantasy Film: Seth Rogen Wants To Make “Memories” With Babs

Bromantic comedian-babe Seth Rogen has made movies with hotties Anna Faris, Elizabeth Banks, Angie Anderson, and Katherine Heigl, but he might be working with a new blonde bombshell — Barbra Streisand! According to an interview on, Rogen is currently scripting a buddy/road-trip movie for him and the singing yenta. But for those of you who heart the Rogen, don’t worry. He doesn’t want Babs to play his love interest; she’d play his mother. Whew! Sethy is still all mine!

The movie project, so far, is titled “Mother’s Curse.” As of yet, there are no major backers or people working on it besides Seth. He’s a man with vision. Fingers crossed it’ll be a musical!

While it’s not easy to get been-there/done-that Barbra to sign onto some cockamamie flick, based on her love affairs with ex-hubby Elliot Gould and co-star Mandy Patinkin, we know she can’t resist a man with a Jewfro. You know if this were 1976, she would have ridden Seth like a pony by now! So Ro, basically you and your movie are as good as in. All you gotta do is type that script and you’ll get your star … and an audience of at least me, my mom, and anyone else from Boca Raton.