Five Things To Know About Golfer Cheyenne Woods, Besides The Obvious

Sure, Cheyenne Woods is the niece of Tiger Woods, but there’s more to the Wake Forest golfer than that. The 18-year-old, who will turn 19 this month, made her LPGA debut last week but missed the cut by four shots. She’s currently ranked 93rd in the country by Golfweek. Since she was groomed by one of the best golfing coaches, grandfather Earl Woods Sr., she’ll continue to get media attention even after the unsuccessful debut. Learn more about Cheyenne after the jump.

  1. Cheyenne picked up and swung her first 5-iron at age 3. She had to drag the club, but she wanted her swing to emulate Tiger’s.
  2. She had to wear boys golf clothes when she started playing and joined an LPGA youth club at 7.
  3. Since they lived in different states, Earl Sr. managed Cheyenne’s game by telephone and would have videos of her swing express mailed to his home.
  4. She won her first national tournament, the 2000 U.S. Kids in Jekyll Island, GA, at age 10.
  5. She used to wear red for luck on the last day of a tournament like her uncle, until other kids started doing it too.

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