Television’s Worst Problem Children

Everyone’s buzzing about the teens on “NYC Prep” with shockingly bad attitudes. They may be complete brats, but they come from a long lineage of child douchedom that’s been keeping television going for decades. Here, a look back at their predecessors, the kids that have made their marks by being horrible.

  1. Rayanne Graff from “My So-Called Life”: Rayanne was the quintessential bad girl because she smoked, drank, dated losers, and had bad hair. She turned the innocent Angela’s world upside down, bringing her neglected-child issues into it. She’s what mothers would call a “headache” or a “lost cause” and what any teen would call “terrifying” which of course means “cool.”
  2. Jen Lindley from “Dawson’s Creek”: Jen was the out-of-control city tramp lousy with men and teenage antics sent to live with Grams in Capeside. Oh yeah, and she wore a leather jacket, which you know means she’s from the wrong side of the tracks. Known for her gruff outspokenness, she got kicked out of Grams’s house in season two to find herself couch surfing with the rest of the Creek crew. Despite her ups and downs, Jen’s natural death consecrates her as an angelic figure.
  3. Gia Mahan from “Full House”: When middle child Stephanie Tanner begins 6th grade at a new school, and has a hard time finding friends, she falls in with a crowd of 7th graders (oooh!) led by the dangerous Gia Mahan who wears midrift-baring shirts and is bad at school (and life). She pressures stephanie to Smoke. Even though a bad girl with clear daddy issues, Gia sticks around for a few episodes and becomes more wholesome thanks to Steph.
  4. Bart Simpson from “The Simpsons”:Mothers around the world can blame Bart Simpson for influencing their children’s antics: he’s disrespectful, scheming, rebellious, and probably has undiagnosed ADHD. But can you really blame him? Isn’t he just a symptom of a broken household where the dad’s an alcoholic and his younger siblings are geniuses?