Tabloid Cheat Sheet: Farrah’s Dying Wish, Michael’s “Murder,” And Kendra’s Wedding

As you might imagine, the tabloids—like every other popular culture venue out there—are flooded with new Michael Jackson conspiracies this week. It seems that they were so distracted with MJ that they decided to give their favorite usual victims—the Gosselins, Speidi, Jennifer Aniston—the week off. I bet they’re all feeling really good about themselves? We scrounge up the new tidbits the tabs spewed this week.

According to The National Enquirer, Farrah Fawcett’s dying words to Ryan O’Neal were, “Please take care of my boy—please make sure he has a good life.” In her last days, Farrah was apparently so heavily sedated and out of it that she often mistook Ryan for her son Redford who was in jail for drug violations unbeknownst to Farrah. Wait, no one told her ol’ Red was in prison? That doesn’t seem right. [National Enquirer]
Star Magazine did their annual (what? it seems weekly) best and worst bikini bodies issue. It looks like they’ve pitted Kate Gosselin against Kim Kardashian for the cover…which seems kinda unfair given that Kim has some kind of magic beauty gene and Kate was utterly ordinary before reality television took over her life. [Star Magazine]
Michael Jackson’s lawyer told Life & Style that Michael thought he would be murdered, “He feared somebody wanted to kill him. He was even concerned people would kill him to somehow try to take control of the Beatles back catalog.” Apparently the “suspicious” track marks have led the tabloid to believe Michael was drugged in order to steal his millions. Is it really so far fetched to believe Michael was an addict? [Life & Style]
Us Magazine spilled the details of Kendra Wilkinson’s wedding to Hank Baskett this weekend. According to bridesmaid Bridget, Hugh Hefner got teary eyed. Hef was the total gentleman, lending his mansion for the occasion of which he said, “It was a spectacular day, filled with emotion. Her first dance was with the groom; the second, with me.” Apparently the wedding cost more than $1 million…which I’m guessing is around what they got paid for a six-page spread in this issue even though Michael stole most of the cover? [UsMagazine]