Overweight Moms Underestimate Child’s Weight

New research suggests that a mother’s ability to determine whether her child is overweight and at risk for physical health problems depends on her own weight. Overweight mothers seem to have a tendency of underestimating their child’s weight, according to the findings of Dr. Petra Warschburger and Katja Kroller of the University of Potsdam in Germany. However, they do recognize that being overweight can lead to mental health problems for children because the mothers “experience weight-related emotional strain,” according to researchers. Since many of the mothers were able to accurately determine whether an unrelated child was overweight, researchers believe the mothers’ judgment of their children is affected by their emotions not a universal inability to recognize overweight children. [Reuters]

But their could be some hope for overweight children who become overweight or obese teens… Researchers at the University of Southern California are trying to motivate obese teens via text messages. Teens will be hooked into a wireless device “that includes an accelerometer, a heart rate monitor, a GPS device and a sensor that measures the electrical conductivity of skin.” The sensors will know whether the teenager is active or stationary. And if the research team concludes that the youth has been parked in one spot too long, the teen will receive a series of texts prompting them to make moves. One team member said, “We’d like to be able to ping you and say, ‘You’ve been inactive for six hours, and your friend Courtney is three miles away and running — there’s an activity possibility for you.’ ” [SunSentinel.com]