Oprah Gets A Comic Book

When I heard about an Oprah comic book, I snickered. Not the classiest reaction ever, but I thought it was kinda funny that Oprah had sort of already conquered the world, but now was going to be illustrated doing so in a cape. While I still think a caped crusader-style Oprah would be nifty, it turns out I got my original facts wrong. Oprah does not, in fact, star in her own comic book series, but is the cover girl of the comic book series “Female Force” September issue. “Female Force” is a monthly series biographically narrating the lives of contemporary powerful women in the traditional comic book format. Former covers include other power houses like Hillary Clinton, Sarah Palin, Michelle Obama and Caroline Kennedy. In case powerful dudes were lamenting there lack of illustrated representation there is a spin-off unsurprisingly titled “Political Power.” In this series the likes of Barack Obama, Joe Biden, Colin Powell and Ronald Reagan get their time to shine and chance to outdo Gisele.

Not that I have anything against writing about the lives of famous people, especially when it comes to portraying female role models. My only complaint is that I want at least one cape, super power, sidekick and romantic interested per comic. Yay for writing about badass women, but why the illustrations if they can’t stare down enemies with laser-beam eyes? [Comic Book Resources]