“NYC Prep”: Episode Two Brings On Awkward Drama

Last night’s episode of “NYC Prep” aimed to bring the viewer “deeper” into the Upper East Side world, or at least that’s how some fancy schmancy producers would term it. What you really saw was how awkward high school really is, even when the people who go there claim to be “mini-adults” and how everyone just has to be in everyone’s business. Yet there were a few moments fairly reflective of teenage problems: PC brings us into a therapy session (weird), Camille’s desperation hangs more and more on her every word, and Kelli’s life is rattled by insecurities.

Read on to get a full rundown of the second episode. We start off with PC and Jessie having a snack in the kitchen. As a reminder, PC is the only kid on the show who comes from a real society family, and Jessie is a horse who likes charities (so she can have her picture taken at events). The two used to date, and Jessie tries to jokingly suggest, “Wanna make out?” Or was it, “Please, please, please kiss me, I need gratification and love from someone when in this cold, cruel world, I get nothing, and have to go on my toothy smile alone.” I can’t remember. Poor Jessie will never let go of PC. Two words for you, honey: Homo-sexual.

Cut to Taylor, out shopping with friends in preparation for her date with player Sebastian. They go to a thrift store, she tells us, because she doesn’t like to spend so much money. And she’s, you know, the real girl on the show because she goes to public school. Huh, funny that she walks into a downtown vintage shop where nothing was likely priced less than $100. At the same time, the cruel and beautiful Sebastian is on a date-thing with Kelli in the Village, where they sit on a park bench eating cupcakes that he bought her. “Mmmmm,” Kelli says as she slowly chews one, in the same way you say “Mmmmm” to your grandmother’s barftastic chicken curry. This is because she has to eat one and, damnit, she’s already met her daily limit of 400 calories. Sebastian, on the other hand, is unashamed of his manorexia, as he refuses the cake. He also inflates his ego a bit more by telling Kelli that he’s going on a date that night with Taylor. Mean! The sadness in Kelli’s eyes is palpable, but she thinks she plays it cool. We do get to see Taylor and Sebastian’s date later, which is painfully awkward. They talk about nothing and Taylor is so flustered (and a vegan in a French restaurant, poor thing) that she orders a salad with no dressing.

We then follow PC into a session with his psychiatrist, who he refers to as “the best in the business.” Somehow, I doubt that the best shrink in NYC would allow cameras into her office, knowing that therapy isn’t meant to be broadcasted to the world, and probably doesn’t work or help when it is. PC tells us that a lot of kids in New York have “psychiatrists or pharmaseudochologists.” That is not a word, my friend. I believe you mean psychopharmacologist. I know because I had one and graduated from a better high school than you, and went to college, which doesn’t seem like you’ll be doing anytime soon. Ok, enough. It was actually pretty brave of PC to bring in the cameras during head-shrinking time because we learned some stuff that is pretty honest. He’s incredibly hard on himself, and is so afraid of not being the best that he doesn’t even try. He’s also restless: “It’s New York City. Everyone’s antsy. I flush the toilet before I’m done peeing.”

There were a lot of in between moments shown (Camille and Kelli in a spa, Camille and Kelli spending money on clothes while they grill Taylor, PC and Jessie spending money on clothes while they grill each other), but the climax came at a big birthday party for Jessie’s “downtown” friend Zoe, who is way cool because she has a headband made out of Legos! The entire cast attends. Camille and Kelli show up together, and uh, Camille, I’m pretty sure you wore the same outfit last episode. Meanwhile Sebastian is of course flirting with the entire crowd and getting numbers right in front of Kelli and Taylor (who is pretty much his date for the night). It all ends okay for Taylor, though, when the two share an awkward kiss at the end of the night.

I’m beginning to see a bit of where the show is getting its flavor, and it’s not entirely from the kids, but from the producers, who seem to be douchebags in their own right. On the Bravo site for “NYC Prep,” you’ll now find blogs from a few of the cast members that react to each episode (“He said this, but I thought that was mean…I think so and so is really cool…” blah, blah), but there’s also one from a producer, whose entries make little sense. The unnamed Bravo guy starts off rambling about how awesome New York is, and how he just moved back from Los Angeles because it’s so great, and here he is, blogging from Cafe Gitane (oooh, you are so very cool, Mr. Producer). Basically, the rest of his post talks about how talented the crew is for being able to film such a tricky show. Congrats on being awesome.

Next week looks like we may get to see another side of PC, who is clearly shaping up to be the only character of depth. The gang goes to Mexico where someone says that PC is bi. And since “bi” really means “gay,” it would seem that we’d finally be getting somewhere with him.

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