Now You Can Zap Your Cramps Away

I’ve never thought of my cramps as particularly debilitating, but even I have had moments when I need something stronger than Midol. (One vacation where I was unable to get out of bed comes to mind.) But there’s a new treatment out there—Allay, a pulsed electromagnetic field therapy device—that could nix period pain forevs. This treatment was originally used for sports injuries—even on racehorses. It works by emitting a low level electromagnetic current to the cells down there, restoring the electrical balance that’s messed up during menstruation. Place the cloth circle on your abdomen behind the elastic of your undies, turn on the switch, and let the currents do their work. Some say Allay works as a placebo, but five cramp-free days is enough motivation to try it. [Daily Mail]

If you’re a little wary of anything used to treat horses, here are some other unconventional remedies that might work for you.

  • I wonder if Nicotiana Cramp Relief is also covered under Obama’s new tobacco law? As the name suggests, the active ingredient is: tobacco. This holistic remedy should not be given to kids or people allergic to daisies. (What?) Note: stop using after cramps are gone, cause you don’t want your cooter to get addicted. [Dr. Hauschka]
  • The Kondy Patch seems pretty simple—remove the packaging and “dress the navel.” I don’t know about you, but I don’t get cramps in my belly button. The patch has “physical thermo genesis” which the product site says can “penetrate deep-seated skin.” I don’t think I trust menstruation relief remedies made by a tape company. [Kondy Tape Co.]
  • Behold the Bed Buddy Cramp Relief Pack. I’m feeling better just looking at the comfy kidney bean shaped pillow. Just heat the Bed Buddy, lay it on your aching parts and breathe in the soothing scents of eucalyptus and cinnamon. Sounds more like a spa treatment than cramp relief and only $10. [Walmart]

If none of these helps, yoga pants, ice cream, and a good movie never fails.