How Do I Keep My Independence When I Move In With My Guy?

At first there were butterflies. David and I decided to move in together, the first step towards what I hope will be a long and loving life at each other’s sides.

And then I started thinking about how I am so OCD that I need to dry my body and my hair with separate towels. How I don’t want anyone using my fancy Bliss hand lotion to jerk off. How, most of the time, I prefer reading to talking to people.

My boyfriend is bottomless (well, near bottomless) when it comes to accepting me and loving me for my quirks and foibles. But with all these little realizations, it dawned on me that unless I am OK with being truly wretched and selfish, moving in with my boyfriend means I might have to compromise, change and sacrifice a little independence.I guess there’s a couple different ways to be “independent.” There are people’s quirks, like wanting the butter dish to always have a cover on it. And then there’s needing some time to oneself each day to just read quietly or pluck your eyebrows.

So how do I keep my independence when, for the first time in my life, I move in with a man I’m having a relationship with?

I’m guessing I don’t.