Girls Kissing Girls: A “Disturbing New Trend”

In what must surely be the slowest of news days, the Daily Mail brings us an article today shedding light on the “disturbing” trend of girls kissing girls. Perhaps you’ve heard of this before? According to the article, same-sex kisses among teen girls has practically become a rite of passage ever since that shared kiss between Madonna and Britney Spears at the 2003 MTV Video Awards. “More than anything, the kiss gave the veneer of acceptance to what would previously have been considered unacceptably risque public behavior, and made a particular type of lipstick lesbianism almost fashionable.” Funny, I went to college years before that infamous kiss and girl-on-girl smoochin’ was “an almost fashionable rite of passage” back then.The article is careful to point out that it’s not only hoodlums and gals from bad families on the wrong side of the tracks that engage in this kind of “dangerous” behavior — even “well-spoken” girls who go to “well-respected” private schools and come from “smart homes with professional parents” kiss other girls, the writer warns. It’s “becoming increasingly common for middle-class girls to flirt with a kind of faux lesbianism” and it’s all celebrities’ fault! From Britney and Madonna to Katy Perry and Megan Fox, celebrities intent on creating “another layer to the mystique,” have made it cool for girls to kiss girls. And lest you think iy’s just harmless experimentation, the article calls this behavior “disturbing” at least three times. Apparently, it’s also “shocking” and “insidious.” According to the writer, only a few of these young “lipstick lesbians,” which she defines as “someone pretending to be gay,” are “mature enough to deal with the complicated sexual issues surrounding such behaviour.” But they’re mature enough to deal with the complicated sexual issues surrounding, um, actual sex with guys?

So why do seemingly “nice” girls kiss each other, anyway? One 16-year-old girl told the Daily Mail that much of it has to do with impressing boys or showing off. Another teen girl said: “‘It’s really not such a big deal. Some of my girlfriends do kiss each other at parties – sometimes because they are drunk, sometimes because they think it will impress boys. It doesn’t mean at all that they’d go further in private. Just that they are happy with each other to be seen doing that. It is a way of showing off, or flexing their sexual muscles to prove they are not square and boring.” Well, they may think they’re being “terribly grown-up and cool,” the writer reports, but “the reality is that such behaviour can compromise both their dignity and self-respect.” Teen girls engaging in potentially embarassing behavior? Wow, that really is a shocking new trend! [via Daily Mail]