Emma Watson Tells Teen Vogue She’s Not Into The Fame Thing

“Harry Potter” actress Emma Watson, 19, is on the cover of Teen Vogue’s August issue. She looks all grown up, posing in old school Britastic clothing in the English countryside. Despite being famous since she was 10, Emma isn’t really a limelight lover. She is going to college and plans to do it up normal-person style. She’s majoring in English and will even be living with roommates. We understood why she is not all about being famous after she said so many ‘razzi showed up to her 18th birthday that she couldn’t get out the door. She added, “They laid down on the pavement and took pictures up my skirt.” Ugh, talk about barely legal. Check out some other quotes, after the jump. [Teen Vogue] On acting:

“There’s not, like, a burning passion in me…I have to act and I don’t care what I do. Until something comes along that I feel as strongly about as I did Hermione—like, I felt that it was life or death—I don’t want to act again.”

On her boyfriend, Jay Barrymore:

“The only reason it’s ‘on/off’ is because the papers make up so much rubbish!”

On filming “Harry Potter:”

“I don’t think I’ve ever been this tired in my life! I literally wear my pajama bottoms to set. I roll out of bed and put on a hoodie and some Ugg boots.”

On fame:

“I really want anonymity.”

On her style:

“I live, really, in jeans from TopShop, blazers from Ralph Lauren or Reiss, and ballet flats.”