A Cheerleading Tazer Attack

It’s hard to go more than a few months in the United States without a juicy cheerleading scandal. (Don’t believe me? Check out my book CHEER!: Inside the Secret World of College Cheerleaders.) Today, a case in Oklahoma is eerily reminiscent of Wanda Holloway, the infamous Texas cheer mom who tried to have her daughter’s cheer rival offed in the 1990s. Find out what happened this time time around, after the jump… Julie Ann Bell was seriously peeved when her daughter didn’t make her school’s cheerleading squad. Her best friend, a lady named LeShawn Fisher, decided to confront the team’s coach in the school parking lot. Somewhere during this conversation, Fisher whipped out a stun gun and tazed the coach. Bell appears to be the brains behind the operation, but today in court, she was acquitted. Fisher, on the other hand, will be spending five years in the slammer. “All I wanted to do was go and confront her,” explained Fisher. “Just tell her that she needed to make it right. I wasn’t trying to hurt her. I just wanted her to listen.”

Yeah, I doubt this girl will ever get to don the pleated skirt and shake her pom-poms now. Maybe she should have just practiced more?