Woman Allegedly Punched By NYC Cop

A NYC cop allegedly punched a woman, grabbed her breasts and told her he was going to “treat her like a woman.”

Chrissie Brodigan, 32, tells Gothamist she exited a NYC subway with her pet pug, who was throwing up, when a cop tried to issue her a ticket for not carrying the dog inside a container. She became upset when the cop allegedly said, “If you’re going to act like a woman, I’m going to treat you like a woman.” Brodigan says the officer punched her in the back, leaving her bruised, as well as grabbed her breasts and pinched them. (This photo, pulled from Gothamist, shows her alleged bruises.)A witness told Gothamist “something about it seemed very wrong. The cop’s tone seemed really inappropriate and he kept saying things like, ‘Are you going to act like a woman?’ She tried to walk away, and then he grabbed her and pushed her against the wall outside the turnstile.”

Brodigan says the officer’s name was Joel Witriol. Gothamist said the NYPD press office refused to verify any information about the arrest, but Brodigan is asking witnesses to file complaints about the alleged incident. [Gothamist]—We’re shocked. That’s all we can say.

UPDATE: The New York Post and the New York Daily News have both covered the incident. The Post reports Brodigan allegedly used anti-Semitic slurs against Witriol, which she denies.