SexReally Tries (& Fails) To Explain Why Nice Guys Finish Last

The second SexReally podcast by anti-hookup crusader Laura Sessions Stepp is online, this time looking into the subject of “Why Nice Guys Finish Last.”

Jorge from NYC told Sessions Stepp that he “stopped being nice” because he wasn’t getting any girls and added, “I know guys who are a**holes because they think that’s the only approach to get women.” Brittany, a student at George Washington University, gushed over bad boy “confidence” and “swagger” and dished about a relationship she had with a guy who “made [her] feel lower in some way” and wasn’t “gainfully employed legally.” I guess we women just don’t know what’s good for us!

The blanket statements Sessions Stepp makes about women—that we fall for bad boys who make us work for their love, while nice guys wither away on the vine—are pretty insulting. Would it have killed her to interview a “nice guy” and his happy girlfriend about how their relationship actually rocks?

Jezebel tore SexReally a new one for its debut podcast on whether its a good or bad thing if sex happens before a relationship, but I really didn’t think it was that awful. But maybe, Jezebel, you had a point.