“More Sex” Recommended For Everything That Ails A Man

Doesn’t it always seem that for whatever may ail a man, the antidote is always more sex? Take men with “damaged sperm,” for example. In a new study of 118 Australian men with damaged sperm — but really, what is damaged sperm? — doctors “found that having sex every day for a week significantly reduced the amount of DNA damage in their patients’ sperm” and increased their likelihood of getting a woman knocked up. Dr. David Greening of Sydney IVF, a private fertility clinic in Australia, and some other researchers found that in 81 percent of the men, there was a 12% decrease in the amount of damaged sperm. A 12% decrease hardly seems like something to hang one’s hat on, but Dr. Greening is now instructing all couples seeking fertility advice to start by having more sex. “Some of the older men look a little concerned,” he said. “But the younger ones seem quite happy about it.” Sperm quality can also be improved if men exercise, get more antioxidants, and give up their smokes and booze, but something tells me that most men concerned about the health of their sperm will opt for the “more sex” route. [via wcbs]

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