Gallery: MANriah And Other Singers Who Like To Cross-Dress

mariah carey man 63009 splash jpg
If you were walking past the Plaza Hotel in Manhattan yesterday and happened to see a scruffy looking man in a track suit with oddly feminine features rocking a pointed goatee worthy of Billy Mays, then you just saw Mariah Carey. Yup, the diva shed her skintight dresses and skyscraper stilettos for bushy eyebrows and a grey hoodie while shooting her new music video for the song “Obsessed.” The singer crossed gender lines to play the Eminem-esque male role herself. But don’t worry. Most of the video features Mariah in her usual R&B glamness. [Daily Mail]

MANriah is not the only diva to cross-dress in a music video. Check out these other singers who flipped genders while rocking out.

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