Drop The Dough! Nestle Tollhouse Cookie Dough Contains Deadly E. Coli Strain!

Put down the cookie dough! Last week, Nestlé recalled 30,000 cases of their delicious refrigerated cookie dough when the Food and Drug Administration linked dozens of E. coli cases to the product. Yesterday, the sad news was confirmed—the Nestlé Toll House cookie dough contains E. coli 0157, a potentially deadly strain of the evil poop-inducing bacteria. Here are the details on this freaky food poisoning scare, since apparently women are the biggest target. And by biggest target, I mean we’re the ones getting crabby cause no one loves us and are thus rewarding ourselves with cookie dough? (Sad face.) There have been sixty-nine reported cases of E. coli from the dough so far, and about half of the victims were hospitalized. Nine have been diagnosed with hemolytic-uremic syndrome—scary stuff, since there’s a 5 to 10% mortality rate. Almost all the victims were females under the age of 19 who ate the cookie dough raw. Teenage girls on their periods, scarfing down tubes of raw cookie dough—such a cliché. [NationalCenterForBiotechnologyInformation]

Oh, and here’s the weird part. E. coli 0157 is a bacterium found in cow intestines and none of the ingredients in cookie dough are known to host it—they’re much more likely to contain salmonella. The FDA found no contamination in the factory…which apparently led them to believe it might be an accidental ingredient. [Washington Post]

Either way, stay away from the sweet stuff until they figure this out, cause while food poisoning might sound like a good fat flush plan, you’ll feel a little differently if you end up in the hospital.