BBC’s Hard News Reporting: Deranged Teens Obsessed With Japanese Fashion

According to the BBC, the newest fashion movement to capture the obsession of British teens is a Japanese style called manba, which involves this weird blackface situation and Kiss makeup. The youth culture is meant to be rebellious and anti-conformist, and places women as the higher sex. Naturally, manba is the package deal and comes with its own genre of music and dance moves that involve hand movements that make the dancer look like a traffic director on speed. The BBC talked with two manba-obsessed teens (which constitutes a movement, clearly), one of whom is a young boy who will either grow up to be a drag queen or star in Britain’s next Will and Grace spinoff. He says, “I was always into Japanese fashion…my first reaction to manba was like, ‘oh my god what is that?” Then I found I actually quite like it. I’m not a very confident person, but when I have my makeup on i’m more confident.” Be sure to click through to watch the hilarious dance video, which if it weren’t made by the BBC, could be a contender for a YouTube hit. [BBC]