Chillax At The Beach In The Ostrich Chair

It has been a while since I brought you anything seriously wacky from the blogosphere. I hit a dry spell. This time I have found something pretty nutty. Actually, I am a bit thrown off as this oddball find looks like it might really do what the box says it will. How unusual! The Ostrich Chair might look like your average fold-up beach chair, and that’s more or less what it is. The only features that ratchet up the head-scratching factor are the head and arm holes. The concept behind the design is not nearly as strange as the name suggests. Basically someone who was annoyed with reclining tummy-down on the hard grainy sand had a eureka moment! What if there was a chair with holes for your face and arms so you comfortably recline bottom-side up on your beach chair? Voila, the Ostrich Chair is born.

There is no immediate reason to think there is anything shady with this product. I am not sure how it could not work, and the girl in the pic looks happy enough. OK, I think she looks rather silly, but we all have our priorities. Still, $90 seems pretty steep for a beach chair. For that price it should include a bottle of champagne and a cute guy to rub sunscreen on your back. [$89.99, Ostrich 3 in 1 Chair, Whatever Works]