American Apparel Diversifies Its Offerings With Bedding

American Apparel has been a mecca of hipster clothes since it debuted more than 10 years ago. But how much longer can people continue to wear deep V-neck shirts, gold lamé leggings, and hot pants? The company seems to know that the demand for these products could wane, so they’ve been adding new items to their stable lately. First it was butt-less tights, then scrunchies, and now the company is selling sheet sets. If AA is getting into the home decor business, we have a few ideas for what else they could make with their fabrics of choice.

  • Fine jersey curtains
  • Outdoor furniture with nylon taffeta cushions
  • Gold lamé slipcovers to fit Ikea couches and armchairs
  • Velour poofs
  • Tie-dyed doormats
  • Super sheer nylon spandex micro-mesh shower curtains (liner sold separately)