Album Drop: New Releases From Moby, Jeremih, Rob Thomas, and Wilco

It’s new release Tuesday, so it’s time to take the latest tunes for a spin. This week’s big releases are from electronic madman, Moby, Midwestern guitar slingers, Wilco, sensitive man goin’ at it solo, Rob Thomas, and “Birthday Sex” boytoy, Jeremih. Yes, it’s an all male line-up. You’ll beg to put it in your… iTunes.

Wilco, Wilco
It’s a ballsy move, Wilco, to title not just an album, but also the first song on said album, “Wilco.” But this band can get away with that kinda gimic by enveloping you in the sweet harmonies of what might be their most upbeat record. Their eight album is stuffed with the bread basket rock that’ll make you want to drive with the windows down all summer. Even as Tweedy sings “I don’t care anymore,” in a traditional radio-structured hit song, it rings with the relaxed optimism of a vacation. So if you’re looking for classic Americana indie pop, that’ll let you keep your brain and street cred, but help you forget all your problems, this is the must have record for you.

Rob Thomas, Cradlesong
Rob Thomas, who fronted Matchbox Twenty and dueted with Santana, is back with his second solo record. Rob’s wobbly vocals and intensely emo thoughtfulness have him tackling other people’s insecurities about love and life. Dude even tries to sum up the harsh “Real World ’09” and is totally comfortable admitting he cries in “Her Diamonds.” But despite all the whining, Rob promises that he “found some secret in the pain and maybe some other people will, too,” with his new tunes. Cradlesong is comfort for adult babies.

Moby, Wait For Me
After his dance floor homage Last Night, Moby returns with Wait For Me, a slow jams electro-symphony he was inspired to make by David Lynch. The sad strings, low-key keyboard, coupled with simple beats, transcend detached electronic noise into a blanket of pure warmth. Tracks like “Mistake” and “Shot In The Back Of The Head” create a cacophony for empathy with the repetitive cringe of guitars and transcendent tone of his message. This album is personal, even down to the lone space alien Moby drew on the cover art. Wait For Me goes to the darkness of our fears and sonically holds our hand. It’s another Moby masterpiece.

Birthday Sex

Jeremih, Jeremih
Gurrrrl, you want some “Birthday Sex?” Well, Jeremih wants to give it you with his MTV-style bump and grind in this self-titled debut. And he’s sooooo fine. So, if you’re feeling doing the naughty but nice dry hump dance, stick this album in.