Vibrators Are Commonplace These Days — Where Do You Hide Yours?

Do you feel sheepish that you own a vibrator? Well stop. According to two new national surveys from Indiana University, 53 percent of women and nearly half of men report having used a vibrator. In fact, the vibrator is nearly as popular in households as appliances such as the drip coffee maker and the toaster oven.

Back in the ’50s, studies by the Alfred Kinsey and others concluded that vibrator use was “not appreciable,” something done by less than 1 percent of the population. These days, vibrators are much more mainstream in part because they are readily available at mainstream stores, and many don’t look as obvious as they did in the past. Heck, you can even turn your iPhone into one.One of the new surveys that was published in the American Journal of Sexuality Education found that the more religious a person, the less likely she was to use a vibrator. More educated women, in the other hand, were more likely to use one. [NY Times]

So, now that you know it’s pretty common to have a vibrator these days, we want to know: Where do you hide yours?