Short & (Not-So) Sweet: Polish Couple Divorces After 24-Hour Marriage

couple fight 62909 istock jpg
Yes, 50% of marriages end in divorce, but I’d say at least 99% last more than 24 hours. Not the case for a Polish couple, who threw in the towel and agreed to get an annulment right after their civil ceremony in Germany last Wednesday. No kidding—the dealbreaker came when the 50-year-old husband tried to cut his new wife’s hair with a kitchen knife. The flushed bride called the police on her wacko husband, and two phone call apologies couldn’t reconcile the couple. Instead of a hotel suite and champagne, the husband spent his wedding night in a homeless shelter with his restraining order. [MSNBC]

While this marriage could qualify as the shortest on record, here are some other unions that were definitely short, but not so sweet.

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