Quickies!: Rihanna Still Wants To Be Chris Brown’s Friend?!

  • Rihanna supposedly wants Chris Brown’s restraining order lifted so the two can “work on their friendship.” [Your Tango] — Rihanna’s dad doesn’t approve, and neither do we. [I’m not surprised at all by this. — Annika]
  • Em & Lo want to know — do you have good playdar? [Em & Lo]
  • North Carolina schools are now paying teenage girls, to not get pregnant. The going rate is $365 a year, or $1 a day.[Lemon Drop] — Not sure if this is the best route to pregnancy-free teens, as I’d take sex over a dollar any day.

  • When L’Oreal says “because you’re worth it,” they might only be referring to white people; supposedly a L’Oreal exec sent out a fax asking for an all-white sales staff. [TrèsSugar] — This sheds new light on the suspicions that L’Oreal lightened Beyonce and Freida Pinto’s skin in ads.
  • Worried about what look men like to see “down there?” Stop stressing—according to this article, they are happy with pretty much anything. [Divine Caroline]