Michael Jackson’s Autopsy Findings Are Totally Horrifying

Michael Jackson’s initial autopsy findings are, in a word, scary. Not only did he weigh a shockingly-low 112 pounds at his time of death, but his stomach was empty and had just pills in it. Docs say he hadn’t eaten for at least six hours. And he was injecting a lot of pain killers, especially Demerol, which is possibly what stopped his heart. Also, his body was covered in scars, bumps, bruises, and cuts which means he was probably falling down a lot, though some of the scars are surely from getting plastic surgery 13 times. Jackson was also practically bald—sadly, that long, black hair was a wig.
We don’t know if they were star struck or what, but the people who tried to resuscitate MJ did a pretty whack job. They broke a bunch of his ribs during CPR and missed his heart once while they were trying to inject it with adrenaline. Also, these “professionals” tried to help Michael while he was laying on a bed and anyone who knows anything about CPR knows you have to be on a hard surface for it to work. [The Sun UK]

What do you think about all this?