Megan Fox’s Stunt Double Has A Secret

While we regular women find it hard to keep up with Megan Fox and her hotness, try being her “Transformers” stunt double. Vanity Fair sat down with danger woman Stacey Carino, who was a 5th grade science teacher. After surviving a room full of preteens and jumping between rooftops to avoid explosions, Ms. Carino knows a thing or two about stayin’ in shape. She revealed her secret for getting the perfect body: mountain biking. Stacey swears, “It keeps you strong without looking strong. For stunt girls, you have to have that. You have to be fit without looking fit.”

Note to self: find new, non-metaphorical, mountain to climb and do it with a bike. Then, I will look like Megan Fox. And then, I will pop a wheelie. [Vanity Fair]