Lady Gaga Is A No-Show

Fifty thousand angry people booed and hissed at a concert in Manchester on Saturday when Lady Gaga, who was supposed to be performing to support the band Take That, decided to skip out. Is there anybody else reading this who has never heard of Take That? Well, regardless, I’m sure most of you have heard of Lady Gaga and with the price of concert tickets these days, I’d be pretty pissed if a big shot like her didn’t show for a…show. [Metro UK] After the jump, some other artists who’ve been MIA at gigs.

  • A few hours before the Rolling Stones were supposed start a concert in Atlantic City in 2006, everyone had to go on home. Mick Jagger allegedly had been smoking too much some kind of throat issue and needed to rest. [Daily Mail UK] — I though only wild horses could drag you away, Mick?
  • In 2005, Amy Winehouse canceled a gig in Liverpool five minutes before the doors were supposed to open. Her reason? “Exhaustion.” [Contact Music] — Was anyone surprised?
  • Earlier this year, Nas failed to show up to a concert and fans flipped out. A few people were even arrested in the ruckus. []
  • In October, Lil’ Wayne skipped out on a concert in Boston. He wouldn’t go through a metal detector at the concert venue and obvs, taking that gun out of his pants complying with security protocol wasn’t an option, so he bounced. [The Insider]

Have you ever been at a concert where the main attraction didn’t show up?