Is There A John Edwards Sex Tape?

Despite the fact that, like, dozens of politicians have been busted cheating on their wives since, John Edwards is still in the news for his affair with Rielle Hunter. According to the book proposal from former Edwards aide Andrew Young, a sex tape featuring Edwards humping Hunter exists. Young would know — he’s the man who famously took the fall for Edwards when he asserted that Hunter’s child was his not the Senator’s. But in the book proposal he admits that was a lie and that the child is Edwards’. He also says that Hunter told him that she and the Senator discussed getting married once Elizabeth Edwards passed away from cancer and that he actually found and has seen the sex tape the two made. Um, can I? According to the proposal, Elizabeth Edwards partially blames Young for her husband’s affair, since he aided him in keeping a secret, and she also has accused him of stealing her son Wade’s baseball card collection. Random. If this is true, it’s further evidence that Elizabeth Edwards is in deep denial about her husband’s lack of loyalty. I feel for the woman, and as much I understand her desire to keep her family together in the time she has left, she deserves better than this.

On a more selfish note, is it wrong that I really, kinda, wanna see ol’ Edwards in action? He’s sleazy, but sexy. [New York Daily News]