Decode My Dream: My Left Foot Fell Off!

I had a really weird dream last night. I went to work at the restaurant where I wait tables, but I had a major problem. My left foot fell off. I was freaking out because I obviously couldn’t wait tables without my left foot. I approached my friend Dan and asked him to keep my foot for me — I trusted him to take good care of it because he is anal-retentive and has a mild case of OCD. He put it in a solution in a large bell jar which was filled with formaldehyde. I knew that my foot was safe.

I was worried because I still needed to work and didn’t want my bosses to know that I had no left foot. I could still walk around perfectly, by the way. I started searching for my black tights, because I knew that I would be able to keep my foot on with them and because they are dark that no one would see the bloody cut or the wraps around my ankle. I borrowed a pair of tights from a co-worker, got the foot from Dan, and was going to proceed to attach my foot back on to my leg, although I didn’t actually re-attach it in the dream. Next thing I knew I was showing everyone the bloody cut and we were all in awe of how well the tights were keeping my foot on. What the hell? – Footless OK, let’s start with the missing left foot. Feet represent our base, our stability, our sense of trust, and our sense of connection to the world. So to be footless in a dream, I think means that you are feeling all out of whack about a very important emotional issue! Carl Jung, my fave dream analyst, often corresponded the left side of the body with the unconscious mind, so I’m thinking that the worst part is that you may not even really know or acknowledge how much you are hurting. The fact that you go through such lengths in your dream to cover up your injury, hide it from the world, and act as if nothing’s happened makes me think that you really would rather “lose a foot” than deal with it.

However, you are walking perfectly fine without your foot, which indicates that this is your typical survival mode when you are hurt – you are skilled at not letting it show. In fact, I bet everyone is in awe of how well you hold yourself together, just like your co-workers in the dream. This dream is encouraging you to deal with it and stop trying to hide it. Instead of trying to repair the wound you shroud your bloody leg in black tights – but sister, that leg is alive and gushing blood. Ignoring and covering it up isn’t going to make the bleeding stop, it will only get worse and start to cripple you if you don’t do something soon.

The only one who knows what you are really going through is Dan. You give your foot to Dan because you can trust him. I bet you have a very intimate relationship with him – could you two be more than friends? Come clean, Footless! You trust Dan with your foot, but do you trust him with your heart? You gotta give it to the guy, he is doing everything he can to keep your foot alive. You must know how much he cares about you. I think the dude deserves some credit. Or maybe a kiss?

Your foot in the bell jar soaked in formaldehyde reminds me of preserving a dead object that was once alive…sort of like embalming. Is this issue something from your past? You seem to be asking yourself, “Is this dead or is it still alive?” One thing is certain — this “foot” issue is preventing you from moving forward in your life.

My advice: It is time to acknowledge your issue. No amount of pretending is going to make it go away. Once you start to heal and begin to move forward you will truly be able to put your best foot forward.

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