Chanel’s New Beauty Ambassadors—Who Are They?

Chanel just launched a new beauty ambassador program featuring five “It” girl representatives (Five was Mademoiselle’s favorite number, FYI.): Leigh Lezark, Jen Brill, Poppy Delevigne, Vanessa Traina, and Caroline Sieber. So, who are these ladies? Find out after the jump… []

  • Leigh Lezark: Middle photo, she’s on the left. Leigh’s one third of the Misshapes, a DJ and a sort-of model.
  • Jen Brill: Find her on the right in the middle pic. A NYC girl through and through, Jen attracts attention with her great style and the fact that she dates uber-photographer Terry Richardson.
  • Poppy Delevigne: First pic, on the right. She’s a Brit socialite, model, and actress.
  • Vanessa Traina: Standing with her sister in the last photo on the right. Daughter of Danielle Steel and good friends with Nicole Ritchie, Ashley Olsen, etc.
  • Caroline Sieber: Middle photo, middle girl. She’s an Austrian expat who’s mostly spotted in London and has been named to Vogue’s Best Dressed weekly lists.
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