What Your Body May Be Trying To Tell You

Our bodies tell us a lot of things. A grumbling tummy when we’re hungry, a yawn when we need sleep, those all too familiar menstrual cramp when it’s that time of the month. But a helpful list from SELF magazine mentions some signs you may not be so familiar with that could mean trouble. Read on to find out what the shape of your pubic hair could tell you about your ovaries, and what the texture of your eyelids could say about your cholesterol. [MSNBC]

  • Your down-there-hair forms a square instead of a triangle: Possible Polycystic Ovary Syndrome. Caused by an over-abundance of male sex hormones PCOS can lead to diabetes…and some unwanted bushery if untreated.
    Treatment: See your gyno, ASAP.
  • Nails keep white color after a minute of pressure: Possible anemia. In other words, you’re not getting enough iron.
    Treatment: Fill your belly with iron rich foods.
  • Patches of white in the corners of your mouth: You could have a yeast infection.
    Treatment: No Monistat for this one, visit your doctor for a topical yeast cream.
  • Yellow bumps on your eyelids: This means you likely have high cholesterol.
    Treatment: Get your blood tested, eat low cholesterol foods, and get those puppies lasered off if they don’t deflate on their own.
  • Black stripe on fingernail or freckle on your tush: There’s a slight chance it could be skin cancer.
    Treatment: Get it checked out by your doctor, sooner rather than later.
  • Blue Nail Beds on Discolored Nails: This is a warning sign for Diabetes.
    Treatment: This is serious, so make sure you get tested by a doctor. Losing weight will also help bring down blood sugar and aid blood flow to the fingers.
  • Dark Circles Under Eyes: Could be allergies.
    Treatment: Gulp down allergy meds, slap on an anti-inflammatory cream, and stop partying till 4am.
  • Breasts are red, swollen, itchy, thick: There’s a chance of inflammatory breast cancer.
    Treatment: See your doctor. Now.
  • Blushing when not so flushed: Possible Rosacea.
    Treatment: As it is a not so serious skin disorder, see your doctor and avoid caffeine and excessive sun.
  • Swollen Fingers: If you’re not on your period and haven’t been eating salty foods, it could be possible Hypothyroidism.
    Treatment: The thyroid regulates heart rate and metabolism, so a lazy thyroid should be checked out by your doctor through a blood test.

These are just a few of the things your body can bring to your attention. Remember to be aware and listen to your body…not just when it really wants you to eat that chocolate cupcake.