Bod Mod Trend: The Bagelheads

Bagelheads isn’t a slang term for my people, the Jews, it’s actually a bizarre new beauty trend in Japan. The country that brought you the husband hunting bra and nose stretcher has now spawned a new body modification trend that looks straight out of a delicatessen.

These extreme fetishists have been inflating their boobs, booty, arms and even face to get a cartoonish look that drives the opposite sex wild…or away. Using a saline solution drip, bagelheads are injected by professional piercers in a specific location, which causes over-the-top inflammation and swelling. Then the area can be molded and dented in to their liking. Using food dye, you can even color your bump! The mod process is called “inflating” and it only lasts one night…just like anything you pick up at club. So don’t worry mom, it’s not permanent! The stylization dates back to the 1990’s, but it was popularized by a performance artist Jerome Abramovitch at the turn of the century. And now, it’s big in Osaka and Tokyo.

Side affects may include headache, infection, skin stretching, a pressure sensation, a slight case of wonky eye, oh yeah, and a swollen body part that looks like it needs some cream cheese. [Bizarre Mag via WOW]