Ask The Astrosexologist: Scorpio Man Lacks Communication Skills

I (8/31/84) have a great man (11/6/86) who couldn’t have a leisurely chat to save his life. He’s of the mindset that he will only speak if it’s of dire importance. The days I feel like being the listener are terrible — filled with awkward silences, where I seek solace in chattier friends and make him feel inadequate. The problem is I’m considering moving in with him after two years of long distance. The times we’ve visited each other are great, because actions really do speak louder than words and he never fails to make me feel like a goddess in person. This only partially quells my fears, because he’s made it very clear he wants to marry me. What is marriage without great communication? I’ve never been with the strong, silent type before, and we get in spats over it all the time. This is our only weak point. I know he’s a great man and I want this to work out. Scorpios have physical down pat, but I am barking up the wrong tree expecting him to ravish my body and my mind? – Verbal Virgo Scorpios, you either love or hate them, but one thing for sure — you can never change them! Seems your man isn’t just a Scorpio sun either, but a Mercury and Venus one too — which rules his communication and tastes respectively. This means his intense demeanor goes way deep and despite his placidness, there is a storm brewing inside. On the positive side, know that you have a solid guy that offers you words you can rely on and that is worth its weight in gold. Plus, as you pointed out, when you’re with him, he never fails to make you feel like a goddess.

So where does the real problem lie then? Well, you are a Virgo sun, Mercury and Venus — which means you tend to overanalyze everything for the sake of security and always want to know how things will play out before they do, as you like details, having plans and efficiency. Yes, you’re ruled by Mercury and that does make your need for communication essential — however, you can’t know everything until you set plans into motion. Until then, you are only theorizing the ‘what ifs.’ So far you’ve only been in a long distance romance, which is majorly different than living with someone. Yes, you are taking a big risk by doing it, but you do know you love him and vice versa — so where else are you going to go from here? Your only option is to move ahead, but it seems that your Virgo-ness — looking at the detailed worst-case scenarios — is the only thing in the way of it going smoothly.

Astrologically, you do match, as elements flow well and planets link up nicely. How it plays in the long run is always up in the air — as it’s freewill that seals the deals, but you do have a solid foundation in which to work from. Do realize that Scorpios, under the safety zone of their home, do tend to be more open and silly — and although the chances are slim he’s going to get so be so out of character, know that there is much more to explore and when you will both be in the same place, setting up a life together, this will open you both up in new ways and chances are will make bonds even tighter. As you know, all relationships require work, so be ready to put aside all your Virgo analyzing and self-sabotaging behavior to accept at the end of the day, this guy makes you happy. Sure, there are things you’d like to change right now, but who knows what will happen unless you let it happen and understand it’s not just him that you are worried for, it’s your own sense of comfort — and as it goes with love, you are never going to know, until you just dive in.

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