A “Real Housewives Of New Jersey” Mystery

With all the hullabaloo over Michael Jackson’s death on Thursday, I didn’t get around to watching part two of “The Real Housewives of New Jersey” reunion until this weekend. So glad Bravo reruns things a bajillion times, because part two was even better than part one! We went over the details of the Cop Without A Badge allegations about Danielle (she refused to comment on most of them, saying she would have her own book set the record straight) and found out how Dina and Caroline managed to marry brothers (Caroline made Albert first, and his brother Tommy, who had known Dina since she was a kid, eventually fell in love with her as an adult). The best part, however, came towards the end, when it was majorly implied that after filming was over, Danielle did something to get back at Dina. Whatever she attempted to do never actually happened and while Dina has decided to forgive her — or at least not make a public issue out of it — Caroline has not. She said that she’d never be able to forgive Danielle because “too much [had] gone down”, that she was “disgraceful” and “garbage.” So what did Danielle do?! I speculate, after the jump….

  1. Danielle put a hit on Dina and/or paid one of her ol’ cronies from the Columbian cartel days to break her kneecaps.
  2. She tried to pay someone at Chateau (the Housewives fave Jersey hair salon) to give Dina the Kate Gosselin haircut.
  3. She, or one of her friends, attempted to seduce Tommy Manzo, who rejected her because Dina’s boobs at least are not wonky.
  4. She had her daughter spread a rumor about Alexis, Dina’s daughter, at school.
  5. She stole Dina’s gay assistant for herself.
  6. She had Grandma Wrinkles poisoned, but Grandma Wrinkles is resilient and lived to meow the tale.

And by the way, Dina, Caroline, Danielle, Jacquelina, and Teresa will be back for a second season! Ba-da-bing! [TV Squad]