Silvio Berlusconi Parties With Prostitutes. Other Politicians Who Are Hot For Call Girls.

ppberlusconi 062309 g1 jpg
Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi is in serious trouble. A model he allegedly hired to attend one of his swank parties has released some pictures that show her and some other sexy chicks posing in the PM’s bathroom last year. The model, 23-year-old Barbara Montereale, also said a high-end escort, Patrizia D’Addario, went to bed with Silvio for more than $1,000. And Montereale said a bunch of other young gals were there, too, and some of them seemed to be on pretty familiar terms with ol’ Silvio, calling him “Papi.” And an acquantance of pervy Berlusconi is under intevestigation for allegedly recruiting gals for more than just innocent partying. [Telegraph UK] Sadly, politicans and protitutes are old time partners in crime. Here are some other policial peeps who’ve been naughty.
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