Harry Potter And The Case Of The Raging Hormones

I can’t begin to count the numerous ways I am on the edge-of-my-seat excited for the new Harry Potter movie. The number one reason (besides the obvious fact that I am obsessed): “Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince” is going to be one massive snog fest!I haven’t quite finished rereading the sixth book (I am almost done!), but who can forget all the snogging from the first time around? Harry and Ginny are constantly sneaking off into secret corners of the castle and edges of the Forbidden Forrest. Hermione almost murders Ron (for the millionth time) for his public lip locking with Lavender Brown. We learn that Hermione and the older superstar Quiditch player Viktor Krum snogged ages ago when she was just a wee lass of 14. The hormones are raging! My fave fictional friends are all grown up! It’s hard to accept that they are adults, and it’s no longer appropriate to show all of their nightly exploits for younger audiences to see. Still, I have to let them have their privacy and develop normal and healthy sexual relationships…as long as we get a few minutes of serious big screen smooching.