Quick Pic: Double Rainbow Just In Time For Gay Pride Weekend

How do you pay tribute to the first gay community uprising in America? Well, it seems like Roy G. Biv has got it covered. Saturday, in New York City, an amazing double rainbow stretched across the sky. It seems a fitting homage to a city not only about to celebrate another spectacular Gay Pride Parade, but also the 40th Anniversary of The Stonewall Riots, an incredibly brave civil rights protest by the LGBT community. Many were injured fighting back a police raid at a gay bar. While this sanctioned discrimination was not an uncommon practice at the time, in this instance, the patrons decided to stand up and fend off the cops who wanted to arrest them simply for being homosexual. Using make-shift weapons like beer bottles and a bad attitude, they kicked some serious butt and smashed a lot of negative stereotypes. They beat back the friggin’ riot police, and some peeps were even wearing high heels! Respect. This very act of defiance is credited with starting the gay rights movement in the country. Here to mark this momentous occasion are these rare and awe-inspiring two rainbows together. What a beautifully apropos show of support for the weekend’s festivities! Hopefully, our local reps listen to Gov. Patterson and Mother Nature, and take this miraculous sight as sign that they must vote to legalize same sex marriage in New York.

Special thank you to Raven Adams for posting this great shot on Flickr!