Fashion Videos From Funny To Creepy

Yves Saint Laurent just released its Spring 2010 men’s video and the star is not so much an Adonis-like fellow complete with lovely face and six pack abs as it is, well, an 11 year old boy. But after you get over the initial shock and displeasure about the fact that you were turned on in advance and the grade schooler’s appearance made you feel kind of dirty, you’ll start to like the quirky little video. The kid is son of the director, Samuel Benchetrit, and the good ‘ol fashioned hijinks he gets up to at The Bristol Hotel after finding a key on the street are worth a brief at-work giggle. From writing on mirrors with ketchup to watching a bit of hotel TV porn and convincing Melinde, apparently the lover of the rightful renter of the hotel room, to fly to Paris, the little one gets stuff done. [The Cut]

Check out some more fashion videos after the jump, but keep in mind that they aren’t all this endearing…

When this Chanel video came out a few weeks back, everyone was linking to it like a gift from god. Aside from the shoe porn and a pretty awesome bejeweled shirt, I don’t get what the big deal is. The whole thing’s actually kind of creepy, and not in a particularly good way. From Lara Stones borderline invisible eyebrows to Karl Lagerfeld sounding like a pervy director in the background and sad little attempts at playing rough between Lara and her man toy model friend, the whole thing feels far too forced.

Another WTF? moment courtesy of Alexander McQueen. You get the hot guy you’ve been thinking about since the disappointment of the YSL video above, but nothing makes a hot guy less f**kable than watching him go completely insane before your very eyes. There’s mumbling, there’s rocking back and forth, there’s drawing on the walls and flinging paint on different walls altogether. That’s what we’re sure of. Less clear is how any of it is meant to convince a guy to drop $4,500 on a McQueen suit. Clothes, after all, were rather scant.