Best Bosses In Hollywood

Add another tick to the list of why Oprah is the best human ever. The media giant is taking all 100 employees from her TV production company, Harpo, plus their families, on a 10-day cruise around the Mediterranean. Four years ago, she brought all of her staff to Hawaii and this year they’re headed to Italy, Turkey, Greece, and Malta. Lucky! As if working for Oprah wasn’t already cool enough, the free trips are definitely the cherry on top. [Daily Mail]

After the jump, three more celebrities who give their staff jealousy-inducing perks:

  • Diddy is a boss who believes in tough love. If you’re able to survive, he’ll reward you 100%. His past assistants have gone on to host shows on VH1 (Fonzworth Bentley), head marketing for Sean John (Capircorn Clark), and direct special events at the famous New York City restaurant Cipriani (Norma Augenblick), thanks to the Diddy hook up. [Save The Assistants]
  • You’re not just the help when you work for Kathy Griffin. To the fans of the reality series “My Life on the D-List,” Kathy’s assistants, tour manager, and even housekeeper have become household names. In the fourth season of the show, three episodes were devoted to visiting the hometowns of her staff, popularly known as “Team Griffin.” Team Griffin made such names for themselves, that when it was announced at the start of season five that Jessica would not be appearing on the show, I was personally saddened. [Bravo]
  • After six years of working as a personal assistant to Kevin James (“King of Queens” and “Hitch”), Jason Packham was offered a supporting role in the movie “Paul Blart: Mall Cop” by his old boss. While the movie may not have been a hit, getting screen time in a movie was a pretty nice gift for an aspiring comedian. [Save The Assistants]

Funny, I thought this list would be waaaay longer.