Michael Jackson: The Latest News

  • Michael Jackson’s autopsy has begun, and TMZ is already speculating that drug use may be at play. They’re saying that family members wanted Michael to head to rehab because of an addiction to morphine and prescription pill. They think a overdose of Demarol may be what lead to his heart failure yesterday. [TMZ]
  • Los Angeles MJ fans weren’t able to pay their respects at his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame—lights for the premiere of “Bruno” were set up directly over it. The “Bruno” premiere also kept the Chamber of Commerce from setting out the customary flower memorial. Some fans made the slightly embarrassing mistake of gathering at KACB radio personality Michael Jackson’s star. [LA Times]
  • AEG Live, the company behind the 50 sold-out MJ concerts that were supposed to begin July 13, is crossing its fingers that their insurance policy is good. Aside from needing to refund $85 million bucks worth of tickets, they could lose an additional $40 million in production fees if Jackson’s cause of death was related to a drug overdose or previously existing condition. Although the King of Pop recently passed a physical “with flying colors” according to CEO Randy Phillips, it may not be enough to keep AEG out of a very nasty financial situation. [Billboard]
  • Lots of people are creeped out by some of the straight-up tackiness surrounding MJ’s death. “Entertainment Tonight” prided itself on capturing the last image of Michael Jackson, lying on a stretcher, possibly already dead. Meanwhile CNN spent 15 minutes following the helicopter transporting MJ’s body to the coroner, zooming in on the body bag when it was visible. They even digitally tracked the body. [Gawker]