Grown Up Things For The Little Ones

When I was a wee little girl, my best friend had a spa party where they did our make up, cut our hair, dolled us up… basically so we could all go home and take naps. Of course, spa parties still exist, but they’ve gotten way cooler. As Mom Logic pointed out, one 6-year-old’s spa party is calling for the “beauty treatment of your choice: a manicure, a pedicure, a classy ‘up-do,’ or a free ear piercing.” While some mothers are totally disgusted by the ear-piercing thing, I’d RSVP yes in a second!

I do agree that 6 years old can be a bit early to get your ears pierced, which made me wonder, what other things can kids have these days that are a bit too grown up for their age?

  • Across the pond in Britain, cell phones designed specifically for children as young as 4 will soon be released. The Firefly cell phone looks like a toy and only has five buttons, to make it extremely simple for the youngsters to get in touch with mom and dad. When I was 4, I don’t think I ever left my mother’s side, let alone required a cellular device to get in touch with her! [Daily Mail]
  • For $40 and three AA batteries, your child can manage a savings account of $999.99 with the Children’s ATM Bank. With this ATM, kids can get their own card and can deposit or withdraw funds of real money. I’ve always wanted my own ATM, but something tells me that my 8-year-old self probably would have missed the lessons about savings with this toy. [Hammacher]
  • Don’t like the friends your child is hanging out with? You could set your child up on a blind play date. At least one mother has publicly admitting to wanting to commit the most awkward act in parenting history, so why don’t you just do it already? [Mom Logic]
  • If you don’t want your kid to fear a high terror alert, you can buy them the Scan It. This toy X-ray machine will teach your kids about how security measures in airports work! Sitting in the shopping cart was always fun, so I could totally understand a supermarket scanner… but a security toy? I guess if you’ve got a little guard in training, why not? [Sample Rewards]
  • For those parents who are concerned about their child’s hair not growing fast enough—Baby Toupees exist precisely so babies can feel like old men. [Baby Toupee]