Who Exactly Is Mark Sanford’s “Maria?”

Mark Sanford may be getting a little slack from the media because some guy known as the King of Pop passed away, but that doesn’t mean his mistress will get the same treatment. Some websites are identifying the mysterious “Maria” as María Belén Chapur, a Buenos Aires native who’s a 43-year-old mother of two. Getting details on her has been so difficult that one Fox News article decided to give a detailed account of the apartment building where she lives. After the jump, some things you absolutely never wanted to know about María Belén Chapur, but the media deemed important enough to print. Mostly because they couldn’t find out anything better.

  1. According to a neighbor she’s “a beautiful brunette who plays tennis, goes jogging, and has large eyes.” [Huffington Post]
  2. In 2001 after 9/11, Chapur came to New York to report for the Argentine TV station Canal America, according to Gabriel Bartos, who was then a producer for the network. [Huffington Post]
  3. “María Chapur lives at this upscale apartment complex across the road from the Buenos Aires Zoo in the Palermo district.” [News Bizarre]
  4. She’s fluent in several languages including English, Portuguese, Spanish and Mandarin Chinese. [Politics Daily]
  5. Chapur wrote the excerpt below in one of her email exchanges with the Governor: “As I told you before, you brought happiness and love to my life and (I) will take you forever in my heart. I wasn’t aware till we met last week, the strong feelings I had for you, and believe me, I haven’t felt this since I was in my teen ages, when afterwards I got married. I do love you, I can feel it in my heart, and although I don’t know if we’ll ever be able to meet again this has been the best that has happened to me in a long time You made me realized (sic) how you feel when you realy (sic) love somebody and how much you want to be beside the beloved. Last Friday I would had stayed embrassing (sic) and kissing you forever.” Check out how it compares to other sex scandal prose here. [The State]