Free Pinkberry Day! Five Facts About The Yogurty Goodness

Thanks goodness it’s Pinkberry Friday! Today, from 5 to 9 you can get a free small dish of Pinkberry’s newest flavors, passionfruit and coconut. These two also come twisted together, a combo that Pink peeps are calling “Tropical Swirl.” Whatever it’s called, we are super pumped to score some free creamy deliciousness. The lines are sure to be unbearable, so here’s a few Pinkberry facts to keep you occupied while you wait. []

  1. There are 72 Pinkberries in the US, but only in New York City and Los Angeles. Come on, Pinkberry, give some love to people who live elsewhere.
  2. Certain Pinkberry stores will now deliver right to your door. There’s a $10 minimum, but who cares? It’s official, I’m becoming a hermit.
  3. Pinkberry just rolled out three new toppings: lychee, orange and bing cherries. Yum!
  4. In 2007, after Pinkberry had been open two years, the company was sued by the California Department of Food and Agriculture. Their yogurt wasn’t actually yogurt because it didn’t have bacterial cultures. Pinkberry made some changes, got their culture on, and now it’s all good. [ABC]
  5. For all you peeps who feel super organic earth-goddessy when you eat Pinkberry, well, you’re not. This swirly goodness contains stuff like propylene glycol esters, guar gum, Yellow 5 Lake and monodiglycerides. We have no idea what that stuff is, but it tastes great. [LA Eater]