“Do You Remember The Time…”: Childhood Michael Jackson Memories

As an omnipresent cultural figure, Michael Jackson influenced the ways we grew up, whether you had your first kiss to one of his songs, or just spent hours trying to master the moonwalk. Here, some of your best memories and stories about the King of Pop. Share your own in the comments below!

I was in 5th Grade when the first Jackson 5 album came out, and my sister bought it for me. It was my first album I owned, and I remember thinking, “This kid is younger than me?!” It was so depressing. I knew I’d never be as accomplished. – Carl

I had my first kiss when I was 10-years-old at Jewish camp. His name was Dan, but everyone called him “The Purple Michael Jackson Guy” because he did a MJ/moonwalking dance for the talent show and was so nervous he turned purple. – Leonora

When I was four, I was living in my grandmother’s house with my mom and two of my cousins. One of them was really into making me cassette tapes that I would listen to in my room, but after he made me an MJ tape, that was it. I wouldn’t listen to anything else. I just got really pumped when it was on. Always. – Sara

When I couldn’t sleep, my parents would play down my cassette of “Thriller” or “Off The Wall” and let me dance ’til I dropped. – Simcha

My family used to do these World Wildlife Federation camping trips. They lasted a few weeks. So my older sister got a brand new Walkman (they had just come out). I didn’t get jack. The only album she had was “Thriller.” So for the next few weeks I begged and begged and only got to use it once. Boo. – Sam

I had a dream in the 8th grade that my friend Britt was getting married to him and I was the photographer for their wedding, but he wouldn’t let me us the flash because it would melt off his nose. It is my most vivid dream I can remember. – Amanda

I can remember when the “Thriller” video premiered. We were poor, so we didn’t have cable (I’m assuming it premiered on MTV). So me and my mom had to watch it on broadcast TV, a while later. They were going to do it at midnight, and I was little, so it was really hard to stay awake. But it was awesome and well worth it! – Phil