Women In Saudi Arabia Are Tired Of Buying Bras From Men

Talk about sticking it to the man. A group of 26 women in Saudi Arabia are now “lingerie graduates.” At a 10-day retreat led by an Australian woman, the group spent 40 hours learning how to correctly fit a bra, display merchandise, and deal with customers. Victoria’s Secret even donated bras to help out with the undie education.

So why was this training needed? In Saudi Arabia, only men can work at malls, meaning that most lingerie stores are staffed by dudes. And come on, who wants their chest measured by some fumbling man who doesn’t know what he’s doing? Plus, there are no fitting rooms in Saudi stores because a woman is prohibited to undress outside her home. Tired of feeling embarrassed about asking a man for a different cup size (or a thong), many Saudi women started boycotting lingerie stores three months ago. They’re pushing for a law that’ll state that only women can be employed at lingerie stores, though so far religious clerics have stopped that from happening.

This course was the first step towards panty freedom. Or shall we call it lingerie liberation? [Huffington Post]