Is Anderson Cooper Coming Out Tonight?

Unvogue Magazine apparently exists and says that Anderson Cooper is totally going to show up at their Men’s Issue release party at Manhattan’s Sapphire Go-Go Lounge tonight, which they’ve playfully been referring to as “Anderson Cooper’s Big Fat Coming Out Party.” Though Anderson turned down an opportunity to host the event, he allegedly confirmed he will be attending and the Unvogue staff has been planning wine spritzers (really?) and are coordinating a lap dance called “A.C. 360″ for the occasion. [Gawker] The Unvogue staff seems undeterred by the fact that Cooper was reporting live from Paris last night, though it would be awesome if any of this were true, considering that the Anderson gay rumors have been circulating for nearly six years now. But somehow, I doubt that the son of Gloria Vanderbilt, if he were gay, would choose to come out at a place called the Go-Go Lounge. It should be a grand event with chocolate fountains and mojitos and Elton John singing. But that’s just one fag hag’s opinion.