“The Ugly Truth” Looks Like Fugly Nonsense

As much as I love a rom-com, one I will not be seeing is “The Ugly Truth.” For starters, despite winning me over slightly with “27 Dresses,” I loathe Katherine Heigl. And Gerard Butler gives me that icky, dirty feeling — the kind that gives me a slight dry heave. And while I never expect a rom-com to blow my mind, “The Ugly Truth” sounds about as cliche as they come and just the slightest bit familiar.

“A macho morning TV show correspondent (Butler) makes a bet with his romantically challenged producer (Heigl): If his tips on how to land and keep a guy don’t work, he’ll quit the business.”

Isn’t that the plot of “How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days,” only in reverse, and with fuglier, more annoying stars?

And look at the poster. Oh yeah, up top? That’s the poster for “The Ugly Truth,” though you wouldn’t know that by looking at it, considering it doesn’t have the movie title anywhere. I can’t decide if that’s genius or moronic marketing. Anyway, the poster indicates where the plot is going for this flick — man stupid! He think with pee-pee! Woman smart! She think with real brain! Ugh. Torture yourself by watching the trailer, below.