Supreme Court Says Strip Search Of 13-Year-Old Was Unconstitutional

In 2003, Savanna Redding was 13 when a classmate was caught with prescription strength ibuprofen and told her school administrators she bought the pills from Savanna. So school officials searched Savanna’s backpack. When they found nothing, two female employees took her to the bathroom and strip-searched her to her bra and underwear. Still nothing. So they had Savanna take off her undies and shake them out.

Redding’s mother sued the school district for violating her daughter’s 4th amendment rights against unreasonable search and seizure. And the case made it all the way up to the Supreme Court. It’s taken six years, but the court has finally made a ruling: this strip search was not okay. The court voted 8-1 against the school district. In the decision, Justice Souter said, “Because there were no reasons to suspect the drugs presented a danger or were concealed in her underwear, we hold that the search did violate the Constitution.”

Uh, yeah. I mean we’re talking about ibuprofen here—is that even illegal? I hope Savanna wasn’t traumatized for life. Thinking back on the old hags who worked in my middle school, I feel lucky it didn’t happen to me. On the other hand, if they would have let that hot English teacher Mr. Ryan do the searching, it might have been the best day of my life… but I’m not from Florida, so it’s good that didn’t happen. [Wall Street Journal]