Quickies!: Best Week Ever Helps Burger King Out With Offensive Slogans

  • Since Burger King marketers were obviously having trouble coming up with offensive slogans, Best Week Ever decided to help them out. [Best Week Ever]
  • He made questionable remarks to actor T.R. Knight about being gay, but Isaiah Washington has now joined the NO H8 campaign for gay marriage equality. [Perez Hilton] – We’re glad he had a change of heart.

  • Can’t find what you’re looking for in a significant other? Try making a website for yourself and writing a seven-part table of contents about what you’re looking for in a partner. This guy did, and he looks like a real winner. [Gawker] — If you’re a sexy, intelligent, spiritual “goddess,” you should give him a call!
  • Playing with your food can yield great results, if done correctly. Check out these famous faces you can feast on. [Lemondrop]