Plan B Available Over-The-Counter In Canada

Last week, Plan B was approved for over-the-counter status in Canada. Canada is now the fifth country to allow women to purchase Plan B without a prescription or a consultation with a pharmacist. In other words, Plan B will be available on Canadian drug-store shelves, no questions asked. Canada had mandated that women obtain a prescription for Plan B up until 2005, when it was ruled that said women must only have a medical consultation with a pharmacist. Since the prescription rule was out, Plan B sales in Canada have doubled. Does this mean women (and men) are being lazier about using protection because they have the Plan B option at arms reach?

Some think so. Janet Cooper of the Canadian Pharmacists Association told the Canwest News Service that she doesn’t think it’s in the best interest for women to have Plan B so readily available. According to her, most women are misinformed about the pill, and “[f]or it to be out there with the Tylenol and condoms sends a message that this is not a big deal,” she said. Colleen Metge, an associate pharmacy professor, has a different opinion, saying that there’s no reason women should have to struggle to get the pill as it’s for emergency use and is “safe and effective.”

While I’m in favor of Plan B’s new no-prescription status, I also think ladies should be careful about over-using the pill. I know girls who’ve repeatedly used Plan B in lieu of protection — which doesn’t seem smart or healthy.